Santa Next Door

Santa Next Door

Re-issued December 2017

Book blurb:

Will’s lips were warm and slightly salty from the sea air. He held her as if they belonged together.
And that’s what broke her.

The girl next door is trouble.

Will Harris is a Scrooge and not ashamed of it. So what if his upstairs neighbor is beautiful and wholesome—if somewhat irresponsible and a party animal? He likes his life just the way it is—no family, no girlfriend, no Christmas. No complications. He’s not lonely. Or so he tells himself.

The boy next door needs a friend.

Bridie Taylor can’t turn away someone who needs help. Whether it’s the Grinch who lives downstairs or the dog he rescued after it was run over by a car, she can’t resist the reluctant hero who seems so alone during the holidays. After all, she’d never be a cancer survivor if her friends hadn’t butted in when she needed them the most. Somehow, she ends up a dog-sitter for the mutt who is much more friendly than his owner.

Stuck in a whirlwind that feels suspiciously like a Hallmark movie, Will can’t find a way out—or maybe he doesn’t want to. As he gets closer to Bridie, he discovers she isn’t as flaky as he thought. She has a sweet heart. Bridie knew there was more to Will than the neighborhood grump. She just wasn’t expecting to get swept away by the charming boy next door.

Will went into the whole thing with one Christmas wish: get rid of the dog. And the girl. But when Bridie delivers the news that her cancer might be back, he is thrown into a tailspin. Letting Bridie go might be the easy thing—so why does it feel so wrong?

Genre: Christmas romance (sweet)
Length: novella (116 pages)

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