Prodigal Cowgirl

January 2016

Book blurb:

Her past won’t let her go…

Ex-convict Courtney Sutton struggles to find her place in the hometown that once shunned her and to reconnect with the daughter she hasn’t seen for five years. An unexpected secret kiss throws her into a tailspin, but it’s the sheriff tailing her everywhere that frightens her the most in this new normal called freedom.

Sheriff Eric Cavenaugh doesn’t usually regret arresting bad guys, but he regrets booking Courtney six years ago. Back then, the world seemed black and white. Back then, he believed in the system. In the past six years, his career and his life have proved that right isn’t always right, and life isn’t always fair. He felt something for Courtney when he first met her and decides that life is too short to let her go today. Even if she avoids him at every turn.

When Courtney’s daughter and Eric’s niece get into a fight at school, Eric finds the opportunity to show Courtney he’s on her side. But will she open her heart to the man who sent her to prison?