Melting Megan

Melting Megan

Book 5 in the Triple H Brides series (a spin-off of Cowboy Fairytales)

Melting Megan is coming October 7.

Megan glanced at the patient chart in her hand, squinting at the tiny type. Dan Evans. Crotchety grandpa it was.
A man looked up from where he sat on the exam table. But this was no grandpa.

He’ll never be free…

Out on early parole, Dan Evans returns to the Triple H with one thing on his mind: paying back the debt he owes to the Hales. He has no room for distractions, not even pretty ones like the new doctor in town.

She’s starting over…

After a family tragedy, Megan Fuller traded her job as an ER doctor for the small-town family medicine practice. She needs to find a way to connect with the niece and nephew that she’s now responsible for. But does it have to be riding lessons? There are so many things that can go wrong…

It doesn’t take long for Dan to fall for the pretty, intelligent doctor. But what would someone like Megan ever see in him…?