Kate’s Valentine

Kate's ValentineKate’s Valentine: A Choose-Your-Own-Romance (novella)

Not in a series

Released Mary 2014

Book Blurb:

This choose-your-own-romance ebook allows the reader to interact with the story. YOU decide where the story goes. Read it more than once and discover a different ending! 

Two years after a life-changing accident, Brody is ready to get back into the dating scene. The only problem? He’s a different man now and not interested in just anyone. He’s wants Kate.

Kate has had to scrap her way through life. First dropping out of high school to support her mother and brother, now working full-time as a pool cleaner and plugging away at her college degree. She knows Brody is way out of her league, but that hasn’t stopped a major crush from developing on her handsome client.

Will Brody get up the nerve to ask Kate out? Will she tell Brody about her past? YOU DECIDE in this choose-your-own-romance!

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