How to request Lacy’s books at your library

When I was a child, my love of reading was encouraged by my local library (pretty sure I read every book in the children’s section—some more than once). As an author, I want my books to be in the most places possible, including in libraries.

And that’s why I need your help!

Personal requests from card-carrying library patrons have an impact on library purchases.

Jump to list of ISBNs. Lacy’s ebooks are available via OverDrive, Bibioboard (some titles not available), Odilo, Gardners, Baker & Taylor 360, LibraryDirect/Smashwords. Lacy’s audiobooks are available via OverDrive.

How can you request your library carry Lacy’s books?

  • Do you know a library buyer? There is usually one (or more) people designated to make purchases for your library. If you know this person, would you consider making a personal request?
  • If your library has a website, chances are they also have a form where you can request a book be purchased. I’ve searched multiple sites and here are some of the places I found links to the forms:
  • Main page —> All the way at the bottom, link called “suggest a title”
  • Main page —> Ask Us page —> link called “Purchase”
  • Main page —> Books & More menu —> link called “Suggest a purchase”
  • You can also use the Search function for “purchase” or you can “chat” or call your local library to ask how to suggest a purchase.
  • I also found this: If your library is connected to OverDrive, you can:
1. Log in to your library’s OverDrive site with your library card number and pin.
2. Search for the title of the book you want to suggest.
3. Click the blue ‘Add titles you can recommend’ button at the bottom of the search results.
4. Find the title you want, hover over the cover, and click the blue ‘Recommend’ button.
5. Choose “Notify me by email if my library purchases this title, but do not place me on the holds list.” or “Place me on the holds list if my library purchases this title and email me when my hold is available.” Enter your email address.
6. Click ‘Recommend this title.’

Here is a list of Lacy’s books that are available to libraries:

Heart of Oklahoma series
Kissed by a Cowboy 9781942505181
Love Letters from Cowboy 9781942505198
Mistletoe Cowboy 9781942505204
Cowgirl for Keeps 9781942505211
Jingle Bell Cowgirl 9781942505228
Heart of a Cowgirl 9781942505235
3 Days with a Cowboy 9781942505242
Prodigal Cowgirl 9781942505259
Cowboy Kisses 9781942505334
Cowgirl Kisses 9781942505341
Oklahoma Kisses 9781942505358
Heart of Oklahoma Omnibus 9781942505167

Cowboy Fairytales series
Once Upon a Cowboy 9781942505266
Cowboy Charming 9781942505273
The Toad Prince 9781942505280
The Beastly Princess 9781942505297
The Lost Princess 9781942505303
Cowboy Fairytales Omnibus 9781942505174

Triple H Brides series
Kissing Kelsey 9781942505310
Courting Carrie 9781942505389
Stealing Sarah 9781942505327
Keeping Kayla 9781942505457

Not in a series
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Dates 9781942505365
Santa Next Door 9781942505372
The Butterfly Bride 9781942505471
Secondhand Cowboy 9781942505488

Once Upon a Cowboy 9781942505396
Cowboy Charming 9781942505402
The Toad Prince 9781942505419
The Beastly Princess 9781942505426
The Lost Princess 9781942505433
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Dates 9781942505440