Heart of a Cowgirl


September 2015

Book blurb:

She’s got a bucket list a mile long…

At twenty-eight, shopgirl Melody Carter has never been kissed. It’s the number one item she wants to cross off her dreams and goals list, but when she asks out handsome newcomer Weston Moore, he shuts her down.

Although he grew up in Redbud Trails, Weston would have stayed gone forever if his teenaged sisters—twins—hadn’t needed him to step in as their guardian. He’s instantly drawn to Melody, but knows she’s firmly planted in Redbud Trails—and he can’t wait to get back to his job and home in the city. Unfortunately, Weston’s sisters have other plans for him.

As Weston finds himself drawn into Melody’s sphere, she makes him rethink everything—and start to forget the painful memories that still haunt him. But will his past come back to destroy their budding romance?