Cowgirl for Keeps

Cowgirl for Keeps

July 2015

Book blurb:

He’s the king of second chances…

Widow Anna Brown is content with her quiet ranching life. A single mother to two, she has things under control, except for the kitchen remodel that wasn’t. When her former builder absconds with her deposit and leaves the job undone, she’s desperate to have her kitchen back—but has no way to pay for renovations all over again.

Then contractor Kelly Matthews reappears in her life with an offer to complete the kitchen. In lieu of payment he wants only one thing: for her to listen to his apology.

With Kelly in her kitchen every day, Anna can’t help but notice all the ways he’s changed in the last decade. Although he came to town to make amends, Kelly can’t help falling for Anna all over again. But every time he gets close, her walls go up again. Can he find a way to break through her defenses and reach her heart?