Counterfeit Cowboy

Counterfeit Cowboy

Released December 2012 – re-released June 2017

Book 2 in the Wild Wyoming Hearts series

Book blurb:


He advanced on her, dropping Pete’s wrapped packages in the snow. She allowed him to catch her much too easily. He held her close enough to count her eyelashes, close enough that his breath riffled the fine hairs at her temple.
He couldn’t resist her.


He needs a fresh start.

Former con man Jesse Baker is two days out of prison with no prospects and trying to fulfill a promise made to his dying cell mate. He’s vowed not to return to the life that landed him in prison, but when he crashes into an easy mark on the Boston train platform, he grabs the opportunity to escape the city that took everything from him.

She’s stronger than anyone knows.

Erin O’Grady has something to prove. There’s more to her than the spoiled socialite her father sees and she’ll journey West alone for Christmas to prove it. It’s providence that she meets Jesse and his little brother Pete and she’s always been good at making friends…

Jesse’s lies keep piling up as the journey continues. Until one powerful truth hits home–he’s falling for Erin. But everything she believes about him is a lie…

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