Lacy WilliamsI am a novelist writing romance geared toward women just like me: overwhelmed with family obligations, jobs and extracurricular activities out the wazoo. As of November 2016, I’ve just finished a draft of my thirty-third book!

I want my stories to resonate with readers, so you’ll often see characters overcoming some of the same things I have gone through, or possibly issues that plague the people I am closest to. Things like not feeling worthy, redemption, wanting the best for your family, overcoming by the power of love, and more.

I’m the kind of reader that cracks open the book and reads the end first. Yep, I want the spoilers (especially when paying for a $12 movie ticket, but I digress). And often when I start a story, I’ve already got THE END written in my head. My readers can always expect a happily-ever-after ending in my books, no matter how dire the situation looks.

If you want to learn how I got started on my writing journey (the long version), read on…


Lacy Williams and familyI’ve always wanted to be a “writer”. As a child I read every book in the kids’ section of our local library and begged my mom to get me an adult library card (these were the old school cards that got stamped when something got checked out!). I received a typewriter for Christmas when I was 11 and I have to thank my parents for their unending support.

Fast forward some. In high school I took a correspondence class from the Institute of Children’s Literature and had my first experience with editing. Fast forward a little more to when my mom told me not to get an English degree in college (long story, I’ll spare you…), so I ended up with an Accounting degree, just like my dad. But the stories never left me.

Lacy Williams and familyI didn’t have much time to write in college but my head was stuffed with characters who wouldn’t leave me alone. My husband didn’t get it (and mostly still doesn’t, but he humors me!). After college but before kids, I knew I had to get serious about getting published now, before kids came along and rocked my world. I joined American Christian Fiction Writers and found a local chapter and never looked back. As an aside, if you are an aspiring writing, I highly recommend finding a group that fits your genre and get involved.

In 2010, I got The Call from my editor. Harlequin wanted to buy my book. That manuscript became Marrying Miss Marshal, released August 2011. My editor wanted more books (yay!) and I wrote ten more books for Harlequin. In the middle of writing all those books, I also worked at indie publishing several novellas and a YA series under a pen name, Lacy Yager.


a45a0056God has blessed my family with four wonderful children. Life’s crazy sometimes as hubby and I balance their needs with working both inside and outside the home and having some occasional time to ourselves.

I have written some 30 books, and am now publishing exclusively indie.

I love to hear from my readers, so drop me a line anytime! [email protected]