3 Days with a Cowboy

November 2015

Book blurb:

She came looking for a place to hide…and found an unlikely hero.

Part-time cowboy and full-time physicist Jake Sutton has enough complications in his life: his younger sister is about to be released from prison, and being a single dad to his five-year-old niece isn’t easy, especially for someone who can understand quantum mechanics more easily than the female mind. He doesn’t need any additional drama, but when country music artist Stevie Flower rolls up to his doorstep in need of help, he can’t say no.

Stevie is sick of paparazzi hounding her and hiding a secret grief that no one in her circles—not her fans, her business manager, or her peers—can understand. She and Jake were friends back when he tutored her in high school physics, so when she needs a place to escape, she runs to him.

Having Stevie underfoot is both a dream and a nightmare for Jake. The disproportionately large crush he had on her in high school rushes back with a vengeance—but someone like Stevie is in another dimension entirely. Can he offer the comfort she seeks without falling in love with her all over again?